Sawmill Services

We offer portable sawmill services, including Alaskan chainsaw milling, to our extensive service area; we bring our equipment to you, and make lumber from your logs. Contact us for a quote.

Sawmill Services

Ours is a portable sawmill services business. The mill will be taken to customers who have logs, and the logs will be milled at the customer location. Moving big logs around requires heavy equipment, and it is expensive relatively speaking, especially if the quantity is small. Customers can be, but are not limited to, homeowners, farmers, artisans, tree service companies, etc.

Sawmill service area

Sawmill Services Primary Equipment

Our tool of choice for milling dimensional lumber is a Wood-­Mizer LT40 Super Hydraulic; it is probably safe to say that this is the industry standard, and Wood-­Mizer invented the portable sawmill in 1982. The mill includes several optional features, and is powered by a fuel-injected 38 hp Kohler engine.

Practically everything about the Super Hydraulic is better than the standard LT40 Hydraulic; the mill head travels faster forward, backward, and up/down. Of course the hydraulics are faster, twice as fast as the standard LT40. And the milling computer has more features that result in faster milling and less waste.

In my judgement this is the biggest and fastest sawmill we can effectively employ in the field. Logs up to 20 feet in length, and 36 inches in diameter depending on log shape and lumber requirements, can be milled on the Wood-Mizer.


Arguably the biggest improvement over the standard LT40 is the Accuset 2 Milling computer on the Super Hydraulic. I estimate that this upgrade alone makes us 25% faster than when running the standard LT40, while also improving dimensional accuracy of the resulting lumber.

sawmill computer

Alaskan Chainsaw Milling

For slabbing of logs larger than 24 inches in diameter, or to breakdown large logs for further processing on the Wood-Mizer, we have selected a 48 inch Granberg Alaskan Mk III Milling Attachment, paired with a Husqvarna 3120XP chainsaw powerhead.


Solar Kiln Drying

In 2021 we built and commissioned two Solar Kilns. Depending on the length of the lumber each kiln can dry up to 800 board feet of lumber, from air dry (~14% moisture content) to kiln dry (6-8% moisture content) in approximately 7 days. Three directly solar powered fans circulate air within the kiln.


Temperature and Relative Humidity cycle naturally within the kilns, allowing moisture content within the stack to equalize overnight, and allowing the moisture content within each board to equalize at the same time. In effect this makes for a gentler drying process, resulting in fewer kiln drying defects.


The image below shows lumber moisture content upon removal of the lumber from the kiln, and the lumber as dry-stacked, banded, and delivered to the customer.


Our Solar Kilns are capable of drying hardwood lumber up to 8/4 (2 inches) in thickness, and 12 feet in length.

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We can and do saw every kind of lumber in a variety of lengths, widths, and thicknesses for many end uses. Uses include rafters • floor joists • plates • studs • purlins • ridge beams • headers • blocks • knee braces • king posts • trusses • facia boards • soffit trim • support girders • sills • beams • siding — lap, clap­board, board and batten, • chairs • desks • tables • clocks • dressers • beds • nightstands • chests • jewelry boxes • hutches • china cabinets • stereo stands • entertainment centers • shelves • vanities • casing • baseboard • chair rail • cove moulding • half round • quarter round • crown moulding • doorstops • doorjambs • and wainscotting • etc!

Your imagination is the only limitation.