About Us

John and Geri Newell founded Primal Woods because they wanted to further their lives in a way that brought them closer to the earth, their community, and each other. They left the corporate world, the city and the suburbs, and moved to a rural home in Southwest Michigan. There they are living the Primal Woods Life.

“Beyond a physical move, this was also a move towards greater self­-sufficiency, a reliance on local resources and people for those things we cannot or choose not to provide for ourselves,” says John Newell. “It was also a move toward a business that serves the community, including suppliers, employees, and customers, as well as ourselves.” If you want to know more about us, or what we are up to, check out our blog posts.


The Purpose


The homestead includes a sizable woods, and our early experiments included gardening, beekeeping, maple syruping, hunting, wood products, soap making, and an ongoing exploration into forest products and forest management in general. Some of these experiments have come to form facets of Primal Woods, the Sawyers (including portable saw mill and Alaskan chainsaw mill services), and the Sugarers (Pure Michigan Maple Syrup). Contact Us to see how we may serve you. We are a Veteran Owned, BBB Accredited Business.

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