Pure Maple Syrup


Pure Maple Syrup is part of a “sugarers” business now focused completely on Pure Maple Syrup with several flavor varieties, including Whiskey Barrel Aged, Blueberry, and Vanilla Bean Infused.

Sap bucket


Making Pure Michigan Maple Syrup was the first of our productive endeavors on the homestead. In our first spring we tapped 13 Sugar Maples. We did this simply for fun, and we shared the experience with friends in our community.

In the years since we have expanded annually, to 20, then to 50, 60, 500, 750, and finally 1,000 taps. Still we are relatively very small producers, and having chosen Buckets as our collection tool it’s likely we won’t get bigger than 2,000 taps.

Sap Collection and Hauling

Sap Collection and Hauling

Our intent is to stay with Buckets and People for sap collection, Draft Horses for hauling sap to the Sugar House, and a Wood Fire for evaporation. While these methods can be more labor-intensive, more costly, and hence less profitable, we see the benefit in community-building and environmental friendliness. And, the more traditional methods connect us to an old way of living that involved direct contact with the earth, with people, and with our means of sustenance.



The tool of choice for evaporating sap to maple syrup in years one and two (to 50 and 60 taps) of the ramp­-up was the Leader Half­ Pint with the “Supreme” pan. In going up by an order of magnitude to 500 taps we had to invest heavily in a new evaporator; again we chose Leader as our manufacturer, and Sugar Bush Supplies in Mason, Michigan, as our vendor. We have chosen and continue to choose Wood Fire as our energy source; the fuel can be gathered locally, it’s sustainable and it’s renewable.

Pure Michigan Maple Syrup is Now in Our On-Line Shop!

In April of 2017 we began selling maple syrup on-line in our Shop. Thank you to all who take advantage of this option to purchase our Primal Woods Pure Michigan Maple Syrup!

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