Pure Maple Syrup

We make our Primal Woods Pure Maple Syrup the “old fashioned” way.  The sap is collected in buckets and evaporated over a wood fire.  Small batches are then filtered and bottled on-site and sold face-to-face, in our Shop, or at select small retailers local to our production. Learn More.

Portable Sawmill Services

making lumber with primal woods

Our sawmill services include portable bandsaw milling and Alaskan chainsaw milling, typically at your location. We pride ourselves on on-time service, reliability, and quality.

Traditional Soaps

Our soap product line is in the Product Development phase.  We are making the lye from hardwood ashes, as it has been done for literally thousands of years.  The ashes are otherwise “waste” from the Maple Syrup operation.  It’s chemistry!  The soaps so made will be naturally hypoallergenic.