Yelp Sawyers Testimonial – PJ C

I was faced with the difficult task of having to cut down two mature Sugar Maple trees that my great-grandfather planted 70+ years ago. These were located near a house and other trees, so they had to be taken down carefully. I wanted to put these sentimentally-valuable trees to a higher use than just firewood, so I knew that Primal Woods’ portable sawmill service was the way to go.

John was an absolute professional, he showed up early, laid the trees down with care and precision, then cut the tree into pieces based on the optimal use of each portion. The trunks branched out fairly low, so they weren’t ideal “saw logs,” but John was still able to maneuver them onto the WoodMizer and milled up a bunch of beautiful slabs that we’ll use for tables and other furniture, and 1x maple that we’ll use for hardwood flooring in the new house we’re building. The WoodMizer was an awesome machine to behold, buzzing through hard maple with ease and with a much cleaner cut than a circular-saw or chainsaw type mill.

John worked all day in the summer heat (90+) and was on-site until dusk, making the best use of the mill in the time that he had there. I would heartily recommend Primal Woods to anyone and look forward to having them come back to mill up some other trees that I have to remove!