Supercharged Power Meal Recipe

As with the original recipe, and second recipe the purpose of using this meal is to build muscle and develop a lean(er) physique.  This recipe maximizes nutrient density with the addtion of beef liver, perhaps the most nutrient dense part of the animal.  It also includes a full gram of sodium per serving, which helps […]

Tom’s Sriracha-Maple-Garlic Green Beans

This recipe using Primal Woods Pure Maple Syrup comes from friend and fellow United States Naval Academy graduate, Tom Fritz.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a creative cook; fortunately I know creative cooks and mixologists!  The mixture of a touch of both sweet and spicy has always appealed to me; these […]

Power Meal Recipe II

As with the first recipe, the purpose of using this meal is to build muscle and develop a lean(er) physique.  This recipe though is tailored to the phase just prior to achieving your desired weight/body composition.  Power Meal II is lower in calories per serving due to the additional bulk of veggies reducing the amount […]

Maple, Bacon and Sprouts Recipe

Side Dish or Main Course, You Decide!

I’ve set this up for 4 servings as an appetizer or side dish. Split it down the middle and it’s a very hearty meal for 2. And that touch of Primal Woods Pure Maple Syrup sweetness. Even the dog will eat sprouts if you pile on enough bacon!

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Geri’s Homemade Mayo Recipe

Healthy Fats – Good For What Ails Ya

Use this mayonnaise anywhere you would use the store bought varieties; sandwich spread, tuna and chicken salad, coleslaw, veggie dips, etc. Geri started with a recipe from Chris Kresser, and then took it in a slightly different direction. Ever wonder how to make mayo? Here you go!

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Primal Plunge – Primal Lifestyle: Why?


Why Do People Adopt a New Diet?

According to the 13th Annual Food and Health Survey commissioned by International Food Information Council Foundation, the most prevalent motivation to adopt a new “eating pattern” is weight loss. Surprise, surprise.

It’s hard to argue with any of these motivators it seems to me. And the desired benefits largely line up with those motivators, with cardiovascular health and weight loss being the top two. But so what?

Cardiovascular heatlh has been a chief driver of dietary interventions in the lives of Americans for over 60 years; Ancel Keys and the “diet heart hypothesis” being the most infamous
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Primal Plunge – Total Primal Blueprint Immersion


The inaugural program offering of “Primal Plunge – 90 Days of Total Immersion” will start on 2019 January 21st. By then most folks will already have abandoned their 2019 New Year’s resolutions! According to research by Strava in the UK, the second Friday in January, January 11th this year, is “Quitter’s Day.” I’m guessing it’s little different in the US. Based in part on The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation, the Primal Plunge can help you to turn the corner on health and wellness, making not just change, but true transformation, permanent. Are you ready!?

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Have We Genetically Adapted to Agrigultural Foods?


Survival of the Fittest

There has always been “genetic drift,” and for millions of years nature selected for those hominid adaptations that best ensured the survivial of the species, ultimately giving rise to homo sapiens.  In the paleo community its been said that since the advent of agriculture and the civilizations it made possible, 10,000 or so years ago, we have ceased to evolve.  Of course our genome is still changing, but as the argument goes, in the civilized world favorable adaptions are not selected for; there is no “need” for the adaptation to ensure survival of the species. Similarly, unfavorable adaptations are not deselected; as was achieved in paleolithic times by the inability of the person carrying the unfavorable adaption to reach reproductive age or to actually reproduce the unfavorable adaptation in his or her offspring.  As it turns out though, it’s not quite that simple.

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Pemmican: History, Uses and How-To

Earlier this year we collaborated with Marcelle Phene to experiment in the making of traditional pemmican.  If there is such a thing as “super foods,” pemmican must be counted amont them.  But where did this food come from, and how was it traditionally made?  Read on to learn more.

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Muscle Building Power Meal Recipe

Build Muscle – Reduce Body Fat

The purpose of using this meal is to build muscle and develop a lean(er) physique.  I intend to eat a lot of it in the next 4 months, up to three 12 oz servings per day.  It’s loaded with protein in an amount sufficient to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.  Since we lead busy lives, whipping this up in large batches will help to ensure that we eat well, even if time does not allow for regular daily meal preparation.  When pressed for time I tend to get to the meat, but not the veggies.

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