Shaving, Frugality, and Old Ironsides. Plus a few shameless product plugs.

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Just a short post, but felt I had to share this with the guys out there.  Ever want to save a few bucks, or maybe spend of few less dollars on one thing and reallocate those dollars to something else?  If so, this idea might be a small step back in time, and a small step towards your goal.

Recently I decided to try shaving with a so-called “safety razor,” as I had become more than a little perturbed at being asked to pay $2.50 or more per replacement cartridge for my practically antique Gillette Sensor.  And the Sensor requires are only 2-bladed cartridges, which is why I have held on to it, not 3, or 4, or even 5-bladed cartridges as some razors call for.  At a cartridge every week or two, this was $125-$250 per year that I would much rather spend in a whole host of other ways. After doing a little research, and I do mean “a little,” I opted for the German “Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor,” Japanese “Feather Hi Stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades,” and Italian “Proraso Shaving Soap.”  I was out about $80 for everything delivered to my door, including 50 Feather blades, that cost $0.28 each, literally an order of magnitude less than the Gillette cartridges. If I include the “investment” in the safety razor and brush, and assume the soap is cost-wise a wash with conventional shaving cream, in the first year I would save $185 at one blade (or cartridge) every week, or about $68 at one blade (or cartridge) per two weeks…In year two the blades would save me just north of $235 per year at one blade (or cartridge) every week, or about $118 per year at one blade (or cartridge) per two weeks. What’s not to love?

True, shaving is a bit more of a production, but it is not without some enjoyment.  Geri made a gift to me of a kit from The Art of Shaving in Chicago, including a stand for the brush and safety razor, which is quite nice, pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and aftershave. I am told that there are several shaving-related retail stores in Chicago. Enjoy the shave!

As always, your comments and criticisms, your inputs and acknowledgements, are welcomed, and will help me to improve my posts.  Please “follow” the blog.

— John, 02 April 2014

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  1. Gigi
    Gigi says:

    I have to say it's fun watching you shave with brushing on your shaving cream…a bit old fashion and I love it! Actually I can confirm that its a much smoother shave too.

  2. Peter
    Peter says:

    I'm guessing Geri's first comment wasn't PG rated and she thought better of it. I know how she gets when John is all squeaky fresh'n clean!

    • homestead
      homestead says:

      LOL. She didn't run her "first" comment past me, but I hope you're correct!


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