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Primal Woods

Primal Woods Life Subscription Box

Concept: Primal Woods Life Subscription Box

So, what’s with the subcription box?  Just another marketing gimmick?  If selling what we are up to, what we make, the services we provide, and how we are choosing to live, is a marketing gimmick, then I stand guilty as charged.  I’ll be as authentic as I can. The listing of the reasons, albeit incomplete, will be in no particular order.  “The Box” as I have come to call it, will be sold from our Shop, and at least in my own mind, will provide:

For Our Customers, and Our Community:

  • A “curated” (like we run a museum or an art gallery or something, ha!) box of goodies, hand-picked by us, or of our own making,  but regardless, consumed by us.
  • Access to subscriber-only Blog posts (more on this later).
  • The opportunity to support Our Purpose, which is why we are here after all.
  • Direct access to the suppliers of products or services included in “the Box.”
  • An opportunity to join us, on this mother-of-all-journeys that we are on.
 Our Purpose | Primal Woods

Value – Health – Generosity, In Person – In Community – In Life’s Work

For Primal Woods, and for John and Geri:

  • Because our products and services are closely tied to the land on which we live and work, income is seasonal to be sure; January is our low month, Feb and March are dominated by Primal Woods Pure Michigan Maple Syrup production, and April through December are the season for sawmill services.  Soaping can be performed year-round, though historically that was a springtime endeavor, using saved cooking fats/oils and, and ashes from winter heating.  In any event, the subscription Box will provide some recurring revenue not tied to any of those seasons.
  • An opportunity for us to build our Community, both directly with Subscribers, and with suppliers and local service providers.
  • An opportunity for us to provide additional Value to you, that is not necessarily, though it will include, products or services of our own making.

Need for Input: Primal Woods Life Subscription Box

I’ll start by saying, that Geri has contributed enormously to Primal Woods this year, while in a manner neither of us would have chosen; she has taken a job off-site.  For that I am extremely greatful.  Many, many businesses fail due to a lack of start-up capital; we will not be among them.  While the job is rewarding in its own right, it means that I, and Primal Woods necessarily, get less of her attention.  So, I am asking you for help.

We could really use some input as to the content of “the Box,” and everything about the subscription Box service.  In support of that, we are offering a free gift (you’ll have to trust me on this) to the first five women, and the first five men, who provide solid input as to the service.  If you gals leave it to me and the guys, it will be Swiss Army knives, flashlights, flasks, gun belts and so on, in every Box!  While greatly appreciated, “go for it,” “great idea,” and even “count me in,” don’t pass the “solid input” test.  Please provide your input by email to john@primalwoods.com.  See the “About Us” page if you want to know more “About Us,” if that make sense.  Below is a list of ideas generated by us, and by other contributors to us.  Hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing, again, in no particular order:

  • The Logistics

    • Monthly subcription, quarterly boxes
    • Cancel any time, no questions asked
    • Various subscriptions, month-to-month, 3, 6 and 12 months, to fit various budgets, with associated discounts for longer term subscriptions
    • On-time delivery
    • Price, to be determined
  •  Health-Related

    • Non-toxic personal care products
    • Coffee and the fixins; it’s a food group all its own
    • Food items, only the good stuff
    • Maple syrup, naturally
    • Soap and honey, ours eventually
  • Clothing and Accessories, small stuff

    • Socks
    • Hats
    • Jewelry, without the jewels per se
    • Every day carry (EDC) stuff
  • Lifestyle

    • Candles
    • Christmas ornaments
    • Coasters
  • Reading and Writing Materials

    • Books
    • Magazines
    • Newsletters
    • Writing instruments
    • Post cards
    • Blog
  • Primal Woods – The Business

    • Family day visits
    • Individual tours, participation in maple syruping, or milling; by appointment
    • An individual Maple tree associated with each Subscriber, and email updates during sugaring season including temperatures and sap production during each and every run, plus annual production totals and measurement of the diameter at breast height

Again, these are just ideas, the list is incomplete at best; nothing is carved in wood, much less stone at this point.  Please give me the benefit of your thoughts, john@primalwoods.com.  And let me just say, you have a real opportunity to influence the Box, and everything it takes to “go live” with the subscription Box service.  We are committed to the concept of providing the service; everything else is TBD.

The Primal Woods Blog, and Social Media in General

I said “more on this later,” so here it is.  I do a lot of posting, at least it seems like a lot to me, on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and the Blog.  Instagram and Facebook are both relatively quick and easy to feed, and I do so more often; the Blog and YouTube not so much, they take a lot of time and effort to assemble and publish.  At least the way I do them.  This is time and effort not invested directly in the Primal Woods business, and the business’s ability to support Geri and I, and a larger part of our Community, in the future.  So, the short story is, I am going to take at least a portion of the Blog to a subscribers-only format.  I am thinking of offering the Blog subscription both as a part of the Box, and separately.  As for Facebook and Instagram, no changes are planned, though a separate Subscribers-only Facebook group may be created.

All for now, I am yours Sincerely,


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6 replies
  1. Lisa Whitney
    Lisa Whitney says:

    Ive been doing a monthly subscrootion from Mightynest that introduced one new environmentally friendly item per month. If you do monthly that would be one way to handle it, I like it based on cool items at affordable price. I get a monthly box of cruelty free beauty samples that are small in size and fun to try. For your product maybe quarterly if full sized.

    • John Newell
      John Newell says:

      Good ideas Lisa, and thanks for commenting! Quarterly has a couple of benefits, or more. 1) It allows for a more substantial box of content, 2) it should reduce shipping costs, and 3) it is a major undertaking to select the items, negotiate with vendors, and to pack and ship the boxes. Based on conversations I’ve had with others doing boxes. All that said, I think we will start with quarterly, and see what develops. I like the sample size idea.

  2. Lisa Helms
    Lisa Helms says:

    John I don’t recall do you have an Etsy site? I know it’s an undertaking now that Geri has taken outside work. But have you thought about other products all from growing plants from your property. I follow and purchase from someone in Northern Minnesota. If you message me I can show you their line. Great ideas they also follow yours and Geri’s ideals and they have one that works outside the home as well. And I noticed she likes to antique with Lisa so I have another thought from up North a shop to put your goods and other local Crafters . And they only open on weekends

  3. Melinda Sterling
    Melinda Sterling says:

    Hi brother! I love your
    Idea!!! I would subscribe to your box! I love the idea of adding postcards/notecards. I would stamp them before putting them in the box. You know mom and I are trying to keep the USPS alive. A stamp on it makes it easy to send! More later and I love you!

    • John Newell
      John Newell says:

      Hi Sis! That’s exactly what I do when I ship maple syrup. I include to stamped postcards, and a post-it that says, “send a note to someone you love, on us.” Great minds think alike, lol!”


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