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The inaugural program offering of “Primal Plunge – 90 Days of Total Immersion” will start on 2019 January 21st. By then most folks will already have abandoned their 2019 New Year’s resolutions! According to research by Strava in the UK, the second Friday in January, January 11th this year, is “Quitter’s Day.” I’m guessing it’s little different in the US. Based in part on The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation, the Primal Plunge can help you to turn the corner on health and wellness, making not just change, but true transformation, permanent. Are you ready!?

It Is Not Too Late

In fact it is probably high time that you unrolled the primal blueprint and started building, or more likely re-building your health. I fought a lot of battles for my health, big and small, from the age of 24 to the present day; won a few, usually gave up that ground later, and lost a few more. By the age of 40 more or less, had I been awake, it would have been clear that I was losing the war. And then at the age of 55, I suffered a health breakdown that led to a huge, positive and practically instantaneous health transformation. I’ve blogged a bit in the health space, and recently on my involvement in the Primal Health Coach certification process; Paleo f(x) 2017 #pfx17 Recap – 4 Recommendations for Radically Improving Health, Have We Genetically Adapted to Agrigultural Foods?, Thoughts on Diet and Health, and The Business of Primal Health Coaching.

It is truly awesome what the human body, your body, is capable of. If you are ready to transform your life, have a look at the video just below, and then we’ll get on to the features of the Primal Plunge into the primal lifestyle.

Primal Plunge 90 Day Program

If you are tiptoeing into or around the ancestral health space, thinking about it, considering it, ruminating on it, or you have just heard of it, then this program might not be for you. To achieve transformation through the 90 Days of Total Immersion offered by the Primal Plunge program, you will have to be totally committed. You know the story about the pig and the chicken and the bacon and egg breakfast, yes? The chicken is interested, even heavily involved in the breakfast; the pig on the other hand IS breakfast. That’s the level of commitment I’m talking about, pig-level commitment!

If you’re there, if you’ve got pig-level commitment or at least think you might, Let’s Go!

Primal Plunge 90 Day Program Outline

Primal Plunge Product

You will receive at the outset of the program reference materials and a journal:

  • The New Primal Blueprint book, $34.95 value
  • Primal Blueprint 21 Day Total Body Transformation book, $22.95 value
  • and the Primal Blueprint 90 Day Journal, $22.95 value

Upon completion of the 21-Day Total Body Transformation portion of the program you will receive your choice of the following Primal Woods Lifestyle products in Hammertone Green:

Total Value of Product + S&H ~ $125

Primal Plunge Services

  • Free 30 min phone consultation call before program decision
  • Facebook Private Group, access for life
    • daily videos through the 21-Day Total Body Transformation
    • group exchange of information, support, etc.
    • accountability partnerships
    • links to informative articles, books, etc.
    • coaching
  • Email/online content delivery
    • daily support and guidance through the 21-Day Total Body Transformation
    • bi-weekly support, guidance and continuing education days 22 to 90
    • coaching
  • Phone and text support (optional) – 6 hours of one-on-one phone support, on a schedule to be agreed upon by client and Primal Woods


  • Regular price: $850
  • Without phone support, 25% off: $637.50
  • Another 25% off Early Adopters: $637.50 w/ phone and $478.25 without

Your Free 30 Min Consultation Call

If you think you are pig-level committed, but have questions about the program, concerns about the level of commitment required, or the like, check out our post Primal Plunge – Primal Lifestyle: Why? Or please email to organize your free 30 minute consultation.

And that my friends is the offer. If you want to take this on, opt-in, please email me to that effect, If I don’t receive an opt-in email by Friday the 18th, you will have effectively opted-out.

All the best, and warm regards,


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