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There’s that old saying, words to the effect that “you are what you think about all day long.”  It might be better said, you become what you think about all day long.

As most of the long-time readers will know, Geri and I have been very serious about our health since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease of the thyroid in mid-2014.  I’ve been moving along the ancestral health path for almost 5 years now, and it has been an amazing journey.  Some bread crumbs have been left along the way, here and here.  Even before 2014 I was in search of the trail-head for about five years, and in that search one of the first books I came across was The Primal Blueprint.  More recently you might have noticed that I’m a student at the Primal Health Coach Institute; both the book and the course are the creations of Mark Sisson and his team.

It’s no coincidence that “Health” is one of the three elements of “The Purpose.”  Like most “vision” or “mission” statements, ours was aspirational, which is to say we weren’t necessarily being all, or indeed any of those things when “The Purpose” was drafted in June of 2015. You become what you think about. All. Day. Long.

Primal Woods Our Purpose

Change and Primal Health

I can only begin to list some of the changes we’ve made in support of our health; for starters, the move to southwest Michigan from the suburbs of Chicago, growing and hunting some of our own food, buying locally the bulk of the remainder, and of course the creation of the Primal Woods businesses.  Again, it’s no coincidence that Primal Health Coaching will be added to the existing three businesses under Primal Woods; Sawyers, Sugarers and Soapers.  With this addition, I’ll probably have to give up on the “S” names!  I hereby thank Geri from the bottom of my heart, for not only stepping up to the huge changes, but embracing the changes.  None of this would exist without my having the honor and pleasure of Geri in my life.

Primal Health Coach Coursework

I’m not done yet with the course, I’ve completed 13 of 19 weeks.  If things continue as planned I will be certified in January of 2019.  I’ve read broadly on ancestral health over the course of those past 10 years or so; and especially in the past five years.  Our bookshelf holds a lot of books on homesteading and living closer to the land, but without doubt books on health – spiritual, mental, and physical – top the list of titles by a large margin.  This reading, and the lifestyle that we’ve taken on, were great preparation for the course.  The course though has exposed new layers of the ancestral health onion, which begs the question, which layer or layers should we peel next?

Sleep, Circadian Rhythms and EMF

Geri has been thinking more and more about the negative effects on health of “foreign” electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).  This is a huge subject, but a few of the perpetrators are light emitting diodes (LEDs) and compact flourescent lamps (CFLs); screens (blue light) including our phones, tablets, computers and TVs; and then there is wifi, bluetooth, etc.  The shit is literally everywhere, and I don’t use that word lightly.  The body of research is large and growing, and none of the sources of EMF that I’ve mentioned are seen as beneficial to the body, or the mind for that matter.

On the other hand, I am thinking more about bringing us closer to our natural circadian rhythm, when looking for the next ancestral health rabbit-hole to go down.  Sleep, the when of it, the how much, and the quality, are all crucial to getting back on to an optimal circadian rhythm.  Perhaps needless to say, the foreign EMFs have significant negative impact on sleep, so fortunately Geri’s focus and mine to large extent overlap.

One possibility near the top of the EMF action-item list, is to basically turn the bedroom into a Faraday cage.  The intent of this “cage” would be to exclude EMF from the sleeping chamber.  The body does serious rebuilding and new construction work during sleep, so improving the bedroom environment is key.  “Sleep hygiene” is a buzz-phrase; Mark does a good job of laying out the extent of this particular rabbit-hole in his post “How to Manufacture the Best Night of Sleep in Your Life;” let’s just say there are a lot of tunnels and “rooms” branching off of the main tunnel.

diet and health

Feeling and looking better than ever…thee journey continues

Primal Woods Health Coaching – Next Steps

In our personal lives, we will keep on keepin’ on, improving our health step-by-step.  Come January 2019 I’ll be a “certified” Primal Health Coach, and shortly thereafter I’ll be making myself available to potential clients.  The course included a lot of business-building tasks, and I have a lot or work left to do on those tasks, but should be ready to go by January.  The maple syrup season starts in February, which might slow ramp-up a bit, and that’s okay.  I’ll be targeting a particular niche, which will have a lot to do with “my story,” and clients who share my story to some extent.  If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards, and thank you so much for reading,


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