Maple Syruping Season – Mid-Season Update

New snow

I am guessing we are at mid-season, and hopeful that it will run through the end of March.  Having said mid-season, we still have only chalked up 4 growing degree days (GDD) since Jan 01; that’s at the South Haven station, 16 miles to our northwest, and on the shores of Lake Michigan.  According to Les Ober at The Ohio Maple Blog, and the Ohio State University Extension, we need to accumulate 100 days before budbreak.  If it doesn’t freeze at night though, and daytime highs are in the 60’s let’s say, we can chalk up a lot of degree days in short order. The column headings are “Max, Avg, Min, and Sum.

Growing Degree Days, South Haven

We are benefiting from some new snow, which will help to keep the woods cool, and from sub-freezing temperatures all day yesterday, and today.  Sap might flow tomorrow, but the overcast won’t help.  Sunday we should see strong flows, with sub-freezing temps again overnight Saturday night, and very warm temps on Sunday.  I spent half the day yesterday putting up more firewood, and will do the same this afternoon.  I think I will be at the evaporator Sunday, Monday, and hopefully into Tuesday.  If you just happen to be wandering by, let me know, there will be work to do.

6-Day Forecast: OverGrown Acres Farm, Wunderground

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