The Backstory: Morley’s Hard Maple Old-Fashioned

Many thanks to Jon Morley for sharing this awesome maple cocktail recipe and photo on Facebook.  “Lacking” the necessary simple syrup or sugar cubes in the traditional Old-Fashioned, Jon made the ultimate upgrade to Primal Woods Pure Maple Syrup.  As Jon said, “I didn’t have any simple syrup so I was like, wth.. Primal Woods! It’s not just for breakfast!!”  You gotta love it when the plan comes together!

Morley’s Hard Maple Old-Fashioned – Preparation

maple cocktail old fashioned

Prep Time: 5 min            Cook Time: NA

Serves: 1


Check out the Nutrition Facts panel, it’s interactive!


  • Start with a whiskey ice ball.. (or a large single hand crafted ice cube)
  • Add a teaspoon or more of Primal Woods Pure Maple Syrup

  • Add 1.5-2 oz of Bulleit Rye (or fav Bourbon)

  • Plus a few dashes of Angostura bitters

  • and a few dashes of Orange bitters
  • Stir the mix

  • Twist an orange peel and rim the glass
  • Add Luxardo Maraschino Cherries
  • Kick back and enjoy! 👍🥃

The Gist of Morley’s Hard Maple Old-Fashioned

As Jon put it more eloquently than I would have, “The star of the drink is your fabulous Elixir! I will never use simple syrup or a sugar cube again.”

A maple cocktail for the ages, and while I might be a bit biased, Primal Woods Pure Maple Syrup is the best for this application and many others!

With warm regards, let Morley’s Hard Maple Old-Fashioned warm your innards,