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Portable Sawmill Service and Lumber-Making: What Does it Take?

I suppose it’s a combination of things: the milling itself must go well for starters.  I have written fairly extensively on the preparations necessary, and the further from home you are, the more important is that preparation. I have written about the customer’s part in “How to Find and Work With a Local Sawmill Service.”  I have written about my preparations, in “The Quarter-Sawing Process, and Problems, Oh No!,” and in “Portable Sawmill Service Load-Out.”  You might say those preparations are necessary, but not sufficient, in the creation of a truly memorable experience.  Which brings us to the complement to preparation, the thing that in combination with preparation is sufficient for creation of the truly memorable.  That thing is People.

Anatomy of a Memorable Portable Sawmill Service Experience

There are other factors, too.  Anticipation.  A shared investment in the preparations.  The involvement of family and friends.  Challenge.  Achievement.  I’ll stop there, but the list goes on.

Recently I traveled to Fremont, Michigan, on an edge of the Manistee National Forest, which let’s just say is too far from home to be able to rely on any of the support systems local to home.  All those preparations I talk about are all that much more important; it’s not unlike being on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic, you have to be able to rely on yourself, and on those on the water with you, if you are to have any hope of successfully completing the mission.  Paul, his wife Nancy, and Kate and Jack, were those I could rely on in this case.  Their preparations were flawless, their ability to learn on the fly, and quickly, was impressive.  They worked tirelessly, and pretty much without breaks, certainly without any breaks of more than 10 or 15 minutes, and even those few and far between.

Together we milled, swept, stickered, stacked and stored 2,200 board feet of lumber.  And even made time for conversation.  It was practically magical.

I say all this simply to set up the embedded video.  It’s longer than is my norm, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave much “on the cutting room floor.”  As it is, it’s 17 hours of milling condensed into 15 minutes.  If you are new to working with a portable sawmill service, this video is for you.  I hope you will enjoy a look into this wonderful experience.  It’s one that we in Primal Woods Sawyers will not soon forget.  My heartfelt thanks to the Taylor’s for the opportunity.  If you want to know what Paul thought, you can find that here.

And now, on to the show!

Thank you for reading, and watching!


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