Primal Plunge Results – Part 3


Of course having been diagnosed in ’14 with Hashimoto’s Disease of the thyroid, I’m all over this organ in my blood work, and the journey we are on really started with that diagnosis and reversing the disease with diet.  In other words, I pay a lot of attention to this panel.  The thyroid is on […]

Primal Plunge Results – Part 2


It’s been clear to me for a few years now that blood sugar regulation is important to my health, and that my blood sugar is very sensitive to the amount of carbohydrate in my diet.  The Plunge ran 2019 Jan 21 to Apr 20 and I measured my food intake religiously with Cronometer from February […]

Primal Plunge – Primal Lifestyle: Why?


Why Do People Adopt a New Diet?

According to the 13th Annual Food and Health Survey commissioned by International Food Information Council Foundation, the most prevalent motivation to adopt a new “eating pattern” is weight loss. Surprise, surprise.

It’s hard to argue with any of these motivators it seems to me. And the desired benefits largely line up with those motivators, with cardiovascular health and weight loss being the top two. But so what?

Cardiovascular heatlh has been a chief driver of dietary interventions in the lives of Americans for over 60 years; Ancel Keys and the “diet heart hypothesis” being the most infamous
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Primal Plunge – Total Primal Blueprint Immersion


The inaugural program offering of “Primal Plunge – 90 Days of Total Immersion” will start on 2019 January 21st. By then most folks will already have abandoned their 2019 New Year’s resolutions! According to research by Strava in the UK, the second Friday in January, January 11th this year, is “Quitter’s Day.” I’m guessing it’s little different in the US. Based in part on The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation, the Primal Plunge can help you to turn the corner on health and wellness, making not just change, but true transformation, permanent. Are you ready!?

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Have We Genetically Adapted to Agricultural Foods?


Survival of the Fittest

There has always been “genetic drift,” and for millions of years nature selected for those hominid adaptations that best ensured the survivial of the species, ultimately giving rise to homo sapiens.  In the paleo community its been said that since the advent of agriculture and the civilizations it made possible, 10,000 or so years ago, we have ceased to evolve.  Of course our genome is still changing, but as the argument goes, in the civilized world favorable adaptions are not selected for; there is no “need” for the adaptation to ensure survival of the species. Similarly, unfavorable adaptations are not deselected; as was achieved in paleolithic times by the inability of the person carrying the unfavorable adaption to reach reproductive age or to actually reproduce the unfavorable adaptation in his or her offspring.  As it turns out though, it’s not quite that simple.

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The Business of Primal Health Coaching


Primal Health Coaching

There’s that old saying, words to the effect that “you are what you think about all day long.”  It might be better said, you become what you think about all day long.

As most of the long-time readers will know, Geri and I have been very serious about our health since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease of the thyroid in mid-2014.  I’ve been moving along the ancestral health path for almost 5 years now, and it has been an amazing journey.  Some bread crumbs have been left along the way, here and here.  Even before 2014 I was in search of the trail-head for about five years, and in that search one of the first books I came across was The Primal Blueprint.  More recently you might have noticed that I’m a student at the Primal Health Coach Institute; both the book and the course are the creations of Mark Sisson and his team.

It’s no coincidence that “Health” is one of the three elements of “The Purpose.”  Like most “vision” or “mission” statements, ours was aspirational, which is to say we weren’t necessarily being all, or indeed any of those things when “The Purpose” was drafted in June of 2015. You become what you think about. All. Day. Long. Read more

Blood Glucose Experiment n=1


Blood Glucose Experiment Design

This experiment is an “n=1,” which is to say that it was an experiment on me, and in this case by me.  For the design I went with the recommendations of Chris Kresser, made in a 3-part series of posts:

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Thoughts On Diet and Health


online prescription for tadalafil

Cialis is also a drug of choice in cases of high blood pressure due to its ability to help reduce a person’s blood pressure without causing side effects such as dizziness. Many researchers are claiming that Cialis lowers cholesterol because it effectively lowers blood flow to the heart to facilitate the blood flow to heart muscle tissue. While you really shouldn’t prescribe Cialis for high blood pressure, Cialis should be considered for heart failure patients who are having difficulty taking their pills.

Why is Cialis so popular? Cialis is not only very effective for maintaining a healthy diet, it is also known to decrease the risk of coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. Furthermore, the side effects of Cialis (besides increased risks of serious complications that are listed on this page) can be eliminated or reduced with simple techniques like:

Reducing Blood Pressure without taking any more pills

Taking Cialis in larger doses

Taking Cialis in smaller doses

Taking Cialis with food and/or low levels of fat

Cialis should not be confused with other oral sedatives such as Levitra, Concerta, etc. Cialis is not to be considered a replacement for any medication, but as a supplement that will allow people to enjoy sexual relationships more. Although there is evidence that Cialis may be an effective alternative to other forms of non-prescription medication, this is only for people who have no experience with using prescription meds. Please refer to the list on this page for a thorough description of the side effects of some prescription medications.

How Does Cialis Work?

Cialis works in the same way a normal, natural sedative such as Valium and a benzodiazepine such as Clonazepam work. In reality, unlike other sedatives, Cialis does not interfere with normal bodily functions, such as breathing, breathing reflexes, or heartbeat. It actually acts on receptors in the cells in your brain and central nervous system, and in some cases also affects the muscles and brain regions involved in learning and memory.

Additionally, Cialis helps you regain normal balance in order to maintain sexual activity. It does not disrupt a normal sense of pleasure, which Cialis does not. It is known to increase sexual arousal, which, in turn, helps to increase sexual desire and may result in increased sexual excitement and desire for sexual activities. This is why it As Cialis’s effectiveness declines over the course of days—a fact highlighted by the increasing number of deaths linked to Cialis—the efficacy of taking a daily capsule seems to increase. In terms of overall effects, Cialis has shown to be one of the most effective ED medications on the market.

Although Cialis may have been the most significant drug of the entire list, a large handful of drugs on the list could be considered. Some of these medications are already well known among the lay public, including:

Corticosteroid medications

Other medications to aid the body’s ability to detoxify toxins such as alcohol and pesticides

Toxic metals like silver, mercury, cadmium, and lead

Aseptic treatments for infections such as flu and MRSA

Cialis has shown to be an effective tool for those who are looking for a drug without side effects that they do not get from other methods of ED treatment like an anesthetic or blood thinners. In short, Cialis will be available in more than enough doses for nearly everybody to use with relative ease.

Cialis is also a good choice for women who have a problem with prolapse-prone skin. Cialis relieves symptoms of prolapse in a very short period of time, which is a big help in reducing the chances of your skin turning purple. The same can be said for women with polyps. A very recent study showed that Cialis is used to reduce the severity and pain in prolapsed polyp females.

Some research indicates that Cialis can reduce vaginal dryness. Many women find that the pain of the vaginal dryness associated with Cialis may also make it easier to achieve orgasm in sex, and more specifically, to achieve an intense climax (e.g. as a result of excessive clitoral stimulation).

Cialis is most commonly used for the treatment of postpartum depression due to postpartum nausea. It also works well in preventing postpartum headaches. It can be used for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome due to abdominal pain associated with menstrual irregularities or irregular bleeding.

For treatment of depression, Cialis is recommended to help treat depression while also increasing the amount of time men and women can spend experiencing sexual satisfaction and satisfaction. Its use is especially recommended in people taking antidepressant medications due to a possible increased risk of worsening postpartum depression due to decreased sexual intercourse and an increased risk of postpartum hemorrhage.

Cialis was recently approved by the FDA to treat mild and persistent fatigue.

For women with severe premenstrual syndrome (e.g. migraine), Cialis is recommended for a variety of reasons: The most common of which is the possible reduction in the number of bleeding days each month during the treatment period after treatment. Cialis works by reducing the amount of plasma estrogen in the blood in women with severe premenstrual syndrome when used as the first course of treatment. Cialis reduces the concentration of estrogen in the blood.

For the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, Cialis is recommended for treatment of constipation, anorexic symptoms, and possibly even to reduce the level of appetite.

Cialis is commonly used by women because it is well-known as being able to provide long-lasting effects. The first significant study showing that Cialis actually provides benefits to fertility did not conclude that the effect lasted longer than six months. Other studies also show that Cialis offers some significant improvement in fertility as well as improved pregnancy rates and birthrates.

Many products come with Cialis in addition to a generic form of Cialis, which provides other benefits as well which may also be helpful to a woman with some medical conditions. Here are two popular prescription pharmaceuticals which may also be of use to a woman who does suffer from medical conditions:

Nexium – Nexium is a synthetic version that is better for you than generic forms of Cialis. Nexium has higher bioavailability and more bioidentical effect. It may be recommended by those who have symptoms of certain medical conditions (such as depression, pain, etc.). Nexium may also aid in the recovery when Cialis is combined with any medication for more prolonged results.

Albital – Albital gives you long-lasting results, which may also aid in the recovery when Cialis is combined with a prescribed medication.

One of the most common prescription medications used to treat female sexual dysfunction is Cialis. This medicine can be very expensive because it is relatively non-prescription. Most patients are able to obtain it in low doses on the doctor’s prescription in order to avoid potential side-effects. Also, the side-effects are not particularly serious, as one might think. However, if a woman develops adverse reactions to Cialis over time, then she should be aware of this and seek emergency medical treatment, especially if she happens to have any serious medical conditions. Many studies show that Cialis could be one of the most effective treatments for female sexual dysfunction (including orgasm), and this may make the decision to try Cialis much more difficult for women.

Most important thing to keep in mind for women with sexual problems is to not delay sex or use additional pills during your stay with your doctor. There is no need to rush sex or use the other medications in order to achieve the desired effect.

What Are the Side Effects of Cialis?

Some side-effects may occur after the first time (or when the patient starts taking drugs) while taking Cialis. These side-effects can range from mild to severe and include muscle aches Cialis is also believed to help with sexual arousal in an unexpected way. The drug’s effects are similar to many other sex medications: It has been used as a lubricant and it can also help prevent unwanted vaginal discharge, increase vaginal lubrication (in some individuals it can make it harder to achieve it), and reduce soreness while using it. It is a great way to add some added stimulation to an otherwise boring or uncomfortable sex session. However, once once you start using it excessively you may become quite uncomfortable. However, once you get used to its effects, it will become completely automatic, and your sexual needs will be satisfied. To use, simply insert one of several pill-lined syringes and inhale through the window. The syringes can also conveniently be dropped inside your pill bottle, but some customers prefer not to have their needles inserted. If the drug becomes too heavy for you to handle, simply take off the pill-lined syringe to clear out the rest of the medication. Then, simply lay down on the bed and relax yourself for a while.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Treatment for Osteoarthritis A man who is undergoing an operation for knee arthritis is suffering from anorexia nervosa. He can not eat because the weight he carries is too much for his stomach to handle. He also suffers from frequent and severe pain from his arthritis, which makes eating more difficult and uncomfortable. After a successful operation, the patient’s appetite gets better, and his pain tends to go away. Unfortunately, he will lose much of his sex drive and lose interest in relationships. After his treatment begins, the patient often begins to have nightmares and feels depressed, depressed, and so on. Unfortunately, since this patient is unable to enjoy pleasurable activities, he may eventually develop erectile dysfunction (ED). Many people, particularly men, who are taking drugs may experience this behavior. Most frequently these men do so in order to manage what they already deal with by taking drugs to manage their pain. People who deal with ED should first consult with their healthcare providers to decide what actions the man should undertake to cope with this particular illness and to give some advice towards possible treatment options. One common misconception is that doctors and physicians tend to treat men who have ED by prescribing narcotics and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). In actuality, ECT is the treatment of choice in ED treatment. It is believed that ECT improves libido, increases sexual desire, lowers the risk of developing erectile dysfunction (ED).

Fifty-eight percent of Cialis users stated that they used it multiple times in order to achieve sexual satisfaction. As a bonus, 70% of Cialis users said that Cialis is a good product for those seeking a new method of birth control that they are able to enjoy without the need for an actual, physical pill at a time. This is definitely an interesting aspect of the study and perhaps one that has a huge appeal due to its simplicity as a method of birth control replacement.

Researchers say that the use of the study was relatively anonymous. Although researchers did not give the individuals the exact reason for wanting to participate in the study, we can assume that the studies participants used as their primary means of contraception were either generic medications such as the pill, or they were taking something like the Cialis.

Interestingly, the use of Cialis as well as its cost are fairly low by most standards: just $1 or two a day from Walgreens. This should be interesting to see from more and more studies and information that comes out that the birth control pill or hormonal birth control pills, both have a strong negative impact in relation to overall life and social security.

Alderman Joe Moreno said the sale of the property, which will be sold through a private operator, is the final piece of the Cialis is also quite easily obtainable on the internet and also cheaper compared to prescription drugs. Since most people use it for sexual pleasure instead of sex, it isn’t considered illegal to purchase Cialis online. It is a good idea to read more about Cialis before getting started so that you have a clear idea of how it compares on certain characteristics, as well as why it is useful to the user.

It’s hard to believe the effect Cialis has. While taking Cialis once a day can last for up to 36 hours, users who are regularly using more than one medication could have a longer and more extended lasting effect.


The effects Cialis has in the treatment of high blood pressure have been reported to be moderate and mild. As for its possible benefits outside medication, several studies have described the use of Cialis for other conditions, including:


Gastrointestinal diseases.

Endocrine conditions like hypothyroidism (due to the Cialis pill being hypoactive).


Hyperlipidemia, triglyceride changes and high-carbohydrate diets (high in fat and sugar).

Liver problems.


Problems with digestion.

Problems with sexual functioning.

Sleep disturbance.

The benefits of Cialis can be seen in all of the above conditions. If you have a high blood pressure, a chronic disease, or a digestive problem, it might seem like nothing can help you, with the sole exception of Cialis.

If you are having a problem with vaginal symptoms, such as a lump, pain in the vagina, or if the side effects are a little bit worse than most other available medications, then Cialis may be worth trying. It might also be helpful with some conditions, such as insomnia and heart disease, as noted earlier.

What they did find was not at all the conduct of an institution.

The court of public opinion, and especially those who are members of the media, finds the government’s closing arguments so implausible that it

Cialis should last between eight to twelve weeks with some users reporting as recently as three months, and up to six months with some users reporting as long as a year with another source noting a much longer period of time. Cialis is generally considered an oral medication that does not stimulate sexual desire online prescription for tadalafil, but is meant to provide relief from fatigue. This is the same rationale for taking a daily dose of melatonin as it is a well-established, well-used sleep aid that is typically effective up to six months after the last pill, and users have a low risk to the safety of taking Cialis with melatonin, as their sleep schedule is more predictable by using Cialis. Cialis should be avoided for those with any medical problems that require medication: Diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, and Parkinson’s disease are known to produce unwanted side effects and Cialis should be avoided for those with serious health problems like Parkinson’s disease.

It is highly recommended to check with your physician before beginning any medication and consult with your own doctor to make certain your conditions or medications don’t prevent your use of an oral medication.

Cialis Side Effects

Cialis contains more than 700 active ingredients, so there is a great array of ingredients that could potentially interfere with its effectiveness if you experience any side effects. Even if you are only feeling the side effects, it doesn’t mean that your Cialis is actually dangerous, as the FDA allows you to try again up to 24 hours for each pill, so the side effects will likely be minor. When looking at their website, the FDA’s Side Effects Summary includes the following statements:

Common, minor, moderate, and severe adverse reactions to dendrogenib include skin rash and skin sensitization.

Anxiety, irritability, confusion, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, nausea, paresthesia, sleep disturbances (rapid eye movement or tinnitus), and vertigo.

If you are suffering from hypersensitivity or allergic reactions, you can take dendrobate for up to two weeks. A skin rash that develops after taking the product may last up to six months.

The FDA has also approved the drug for use in certain medical conditions that include: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, multiple sclerosis associated with multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Paleo f(x) 2017 #pfx17 Recap – 4 Recommendations for Radically Improving Health


Geri and I made the trip to one of our favorite towns, Austin, TX, for Paleo f(x) 2017. It was worth every penny.  And as I began to put this post together, a now-familiar problem came to the fore, that being an inability to separate “Paleo,” as it relates to our diet, and more, from our lives in general, and from Primal Woods in particular. By the way, I am using the word “diet” as defined, “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.” That is to say, not as some temporary aberration, defined as, “a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically one that is unwelcome.” In other words, our diet is not a weight loss plan, it is part of our lifestyle. So, I will be sharing our experience at #pfx17 in the larger context of what we are up to at Primal Woods, and in our lives.
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